12 Jan 21
Despite such initiatives adding to their costs, retailers are confident with the low refund rates.
12 Jan 21
The stores are expanding delivery services as more consumers work remotely.
5 Jan 21
Its Lotte Duty Free store looks to offer cheaper prices.
5 Jan 21
Thailand’s retail recovery will depend on the effectiveness of government stimuli.
5 Jan 21
Analysts believe that e-commerce will be hit the hardest by anti-trust regulations.
5 Jan 21
The country will be the only major economy reporting positive growth in 2020.
15 Dec 20
All segments except for tractors saw positive growth amidst festivities.
8 Dec 20
Gel-based products are currently the most popular, but foam-based sanitizers are on the rise.
8 Dec 20
And former Don Quijote CEO was arrested over insider trading charges.
1 Dec 20
It currently houses 120 different brands, of which 70% are home-grown.
1 Dec 20
It currently operates one store in southern Seoul.
26 Nov 20
Counterfeit goods market amounts to a whopping US$35.9b.
24 Nov 20
The store currently has nine locations in Hong Kong.
13 Nov 20
Suppliers may even soon become competitors with retailers in the e-commerce space.
10 Nov 20
Investors are taking a 25% stake in a JV that will run Farfetch's China store.
30 Oct 20
Companies are likely to diversify their sourcing options in the long term.
28 Oct 20
It will also be available for delivery in both markets.
28 Oct 20
It is looking to launch its plant-based meat products globally.
21 Oct 20
The group's total liabilities exceeded assets by $48.57m.
21 Oct 20
The company saw an impairment loss of $21.86m.
21 Oct 20
The lack of tourists affected its sales to mainland customers.
25 Sep 20
Hear updates about the retail sector from senior executives, consulting firms, and regulators in the region.
27 Aug 20
This was made to support an increased cross-border shipment.
3 Aug 20
The top five players in the segment account for only 21% of the market share.
22 Jul 20
The Asian retail market is beginning to see light again with the gradual reopening of the supply chain trade.
14 Jul 20
Rising disposable incomes have driven spending in personal care products.
14 Jul 20
About 400 material suppliers will join the showcase.
7 Jul 20
Beauty brands have been urged to ensure inclusivity in their products.
30 Jun 20
The facial care category is projected to rise the fastest.
29 Jun 20
Products with ‘natural ingredients’ and ‘free from chemicals’ are steering growth.
23 Jun 20
Bars and pubs have been largely kept out of the purview post-lockdown.
16 Jun 20
It built a communication platform made solely for streamlining the merchant-supplier process.
15 Jun 20
Hardest-hit companies are expected to recover the fastest.
22 Apr 20
Larger players will gain the most from the greater attention on food safety.
21 Apr 20
Vending machines in busy locations are the hardest hit.
31 Mar 20
They will work closely to identify trade disruptions.