In Focus

12 Jan 21
The year saw a rise in convenience stores, group-buying, and private labels.
6 Jan 21
They have given the top three e-commerce companies a 4.3-star rating.
5 Jan 21
The country will be the only major economy reporting positive growth in 2020.
15 Dec 20
All segments except for tractors saw positive growth amidst festivities.
8 Dec 20
Leading e-commerce players have focussed more on bargain-conscious consumers.
1 Dec 20
Several markets in the region managed to avoid lockdowns.
24 Nov 20
A heightened awareness on animal welfare could boost adoption of vegetarian diets.
17 Nov 20
Majority in Asia have plans for leisure travel in the next 12 months.
14 Nov 20
Through its Always Open on eBay Australia initiative, over 1,000 retailers have set up online shops on its platform.
13 Nov 20
Suppliers may even soon become competitors with retailers in the e-commerce space.
10 Nov 20
Sophisticated haircare products have been growing in popularity amongst men.
4 Nov 20
The sector could find an ideal target market in high-income urban consumers.
30 Oct 20
Companies are likely to diversify their sourcing options in the long term.
28 Oct 20
The biggest ones may need to find new ways to pass down savings to customers.
21 Oct 20
Rental gap between suburban malls and in Orchard will continue to narrow.
20 Sep 20
Analysts are bearish about the sector for the rest of 2020 due to weak tourism.
14 Sep 20
Singapore ranks as the most suited Asian economy for e-commerce.
9 Sep 20
International e-wallets such as Google Pay and Masterpass are gaining steam.
28 Aug 20
They rolled out an English-language customer-service and self-service registration system.
24 Aug 20
They closed stores in the Tokyo metro area from 8 April to 29 May to prevent infection.
16 Aug 20
It offers features such as two-year product warranty and same-day deliveries for best sellers.
10 Aug 20
As consumers expect retail omnipresence, traditional shops will evolve to offer services beyond retail.
10 Aug 20
Top brands benefit from strong brand equity and scale advantages.
27 Jul 20
Retailers are still expected to continue developing their physical stores post-pandemic.
20 Jul 20
These initiatives allow them to strengthen their relationship with merchants in the longer term.
13 Jul 20
The psychological impact of the pandemic still pushes consumers towards digital channels.
6 Jul 20
Shanghai Fashion Week’s online runway show was viewed by 800 million active users.
6 Jul 20
The extended operating hours that the internet allows has attracted merchants towards selling online.
22 Jun 20
E-commerce platforms have recorded massive surges in fresh food sales.
16 Jun 20
It built a communication platform made solely for streamlining the merchant-supplier process.
14 Jun 20
Since 2015, a number of clothing rental services have sprung up in Singapore’s retail scene.
31 May 20
Online platforms revealed how they have coped with and responded to the pandemic.
21 May 20
The region’s non-store retailing is expected to be driven by e-commerce.
20 May 20
The omnichannel retailer displays real pricing of a product, taking away other costs.
20 Apr 20
It has since grown its staff tenfold and expanded its working space by 25 times.
13 Apr 20
It aims to provide the best bang for the buck with its super cheap yet quality items.