5 Jan 21
It is looking to expand its product offerings by spring 2021.
15 Dec 20
Proceeds will be used to accelerate its new offerings in the B2C segment.
15 Dec 20
The investment is expected to complete by end-2020.
15 Dec 20
The women’s section of the store features an open-plan environment.
8 Dec 20
It is looking to distribute its products through social media and e-commerce.
8 Dec 20
The products are available for a limited time across Asia.
8 Dec 20
It is looking to curate footwear and performance lifestyle products.
8 Dec 20
Bought by both men and women, skin and sun care products dominate the sector.
24 Nov 20
The group has shut part of its corporate network system to minimize damage.
17 Nov 20
The items can be delivered in 40 minutes in 11 locations.
17 Nov 20
The company is expecting a delay in recovery to persist in Q4.
17 Nov 20
This has led to more demand for premium skincare products.
17 Nov 20
Majority in Asia have plans for leisure travel in the next 12 months.
10 Nov 20
Sophisticated haircare products have been growing in popularity amongst men.
4 Nov 20
It has plans to grow its business internationally in the coming months.
4 Nov 20
Its sales decline eased, with figures in Asia showing growth.
4 Nov 20
Travel restrictions affected its Q1 sales, but has eased since April.
4 Nov 20
The collections will be available exclusively at NET-A-PORTER.
4 Nov 20
Domestic sales fell amidst weaker international tourist arrivals.
4 Nov 20
Mass market continues to reign, but opportunities are plenty for premium brands.
28 Oct 20
Growing urbanisation has encouraged consumers to focus more on looks and wellbeing.
28 Oct 20
The popularity of western culture is also driving the popularity of foreign brands.
28 Oct 20
Vending machines and café chains are bringing continued growth for coffee demand.
21 Oct 20
The company offers denim products for men.
21 Oct 20
The demand for fairer skintone is driving an enduring popularity of suncare products.
21 Oct 20
Its LifeWear range may have been appealing to shoppers staying at home.
7 Sep 20
The store will feature the first UTme!
1 Sep 20
The kiosk offers a full range of products.
5 Aug 20
It showcases an interactive window upon entrance.
28 Jul 20
Shimamura is best placed to enjoy this trend.
6 Jul 20
Shanghai Fashion Week’s online runway show was viewed by 800 million active users.
25 Jun 20
The show will present 25 homegrown labels.
14 Jun 20
Since 2015, a number of clothing rental services have sprung up in Singapore’s retail scene.
8 Jun 20
It will sell its brands and LifeWear apparel on the platform.
12 May 20
Ecommerce channels are not enough to buoy sales.
29 Apr 20
The 56 stores contributed to less than 4% of its 9M FY2020 revenue.
20 Apr 20
The company is set to redefine fashion and e-commerce with its Sustainability Strategy.
20 Jul 18
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