7 Sep 20
The store will feature the first UTme!
1 Sep 20
The kiosk offers a full range of products.
5 Aug 20
It showcases an interactive window upon entrance.
28 Jul 20
Shimamura is best placed to enjoy this trend.
6 Jul 20
Shanghai Fashion Week’s online runway show was viewed by 800 million active users.
25 Jun 20
The show will present 25 homegrown labels.
14 Jun 20
Since 2015, a number of clothing rental services have sprung up in Singapore’s retail scene.
8 Jun 20
It will sell its brands and LifeWear apparel on the platform.
12 May 20
Ecommerce channels are not enough to buoy sales.
29 Apr 20
The 56 stores contributed to less than 4% of its 9M FY2020 revenue.
20 Apr 20
The company is set to redefine fashion and e-commerce with its Sustainability Strategy.
20 Jul 18
  Who knew lipstick could be a tool for creating art?