1 Oct 20
They will incentivse MSMEs in digitalising their businesses.
25 Sep 20
Hear updates about the retail sector from senior executives, consulting firms, and regulators in the region.
17 Sep 20
Each parcel will be tagged with an electronic shipping label.
14 Sep 20
Singapore ranks as the most suited Asian economy for e-commerce.
9 Sep 20
International e-wallets such as Google Pay and Masterpass are gaining steam.
30 Aug 20
Through its Always Open on eBay Australia initiative, over 1,000 retailers have set up online shops on its platform.
28 Aug 20
They rolled out an English-language customer-service and self-service registration system.
26 Aug 20
The iconic Great Singapore Sale (GSS) goes online this year as the retail industry creates a “new normal” shopping experience amid...
25 Aug 20
Flash vouchers of up to $118 can be redeemed every Monday.
24 Aug 20
LazLive is its in-app live streaming feature which allows users to interact in real time.
24 Aug 20
The firm will also help local merchants go digital.
24 Aug 20
Its China retail and cloud computing businesses boosted revenue growth.
19 Aug 20
And the US mulls pressuring Chinese firms such as Alibaba.
18 Aug 20
Fears over catching the virus drove the boom.
13 Aug 20
Over 10,000 brands have enrolled in its Project Zero.
10 Aug 20
As consumers expect retail omnipresence, traditional shops will evolve to offer services beyond retail.
10 Aug 20
Users can earn up to 25% from merchants such as Lazada and Shopee.
3 Aug 20
Around the world, major sale events like Singles’ Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and many others have delighted consumers and drove massive...
29 Jul 20
And India’s Reliance Industries looks to buy Future Group’s retail operations for $3.6b.
28 Jul 20
A mobile in-app tracking could drive further sales during peak shopping season.
22 Jul 20
They will offer year-round and seasonal discounts.
21 Jul 20
This aims to provide greater flexibility to customers.
20 Jul 20
The products will be promoted through live-streaming.
20 Jul 20
These initiatives allow them to strengthen their relationship with merchants in the longer term.
15 Jul 20
And Thailand will allow retailers to confirm if monkeys were used for coconut harvesting.
14 Jul 20
About 400 material suppliers will join the showcase.
13 Jul 20
The psychological impact of the pandemic still pushes consumers towards digital channels.
9 Jul 20
This allows sellers to create their own collection and showcase their brand.
7 Jul 20
COVID-19 sent shockwaves across businesses and the economic order, crippling brick and mortar retail experiences and rocking supply chains the...
6 Jul 20
The extended operating hours that the internet allows has attracted merchants towards selling online.
6 Jul 20
The e-commerce firm has previously held talks with US internet giants.
1 Jul 20
And a surge in food deliveries in Singapore has accelerated plastic waste.
29 Jun 20
He was the company’s co-president and Indonesia CEO.
24 Jun 20
The two methods are rising at CAGR of 12% and 11%, respectively.
22 Jun 20
E-commerce platforms have recorded massive surges in fresh food sales.
22 Jun 20
Its interactive eLearning content offers live practice opportunities.
18 Jun 20
Retailers were urged to consider driving an omnichannel strategy.